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Welcome to the World of Functional Medicine

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Health You Deserve

Welcome to the World of Functional Medicine

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Covid Drive Through Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 10am-1pm

Drive to the back of the building and call  our office phone number.
Have driver license and insurance card ready! 

We offer the PCR testing with results in 24-48hours

Rapid Antigen test results in 15 minute!

House Calls  +  IV party


24 Hour Canceling Policy $35 Fee

IV Hydration Therapy

We Offer Time-Tested Intravenous Therapies To Treat Flu, Jet Lag, Hangover, Food Poisoning, Energy Depletion, And Other Debilitating Conditions. And Provide Rehydrating Wellness Boosts When It’s Essential You Look And Feel Your Best.

Weight Loss

Loosing weight is now easier than ever! With IV Therapy You Will Get All The Goodness From Vitamins In The Ease An IV Drip. IV’s Are A Safe Way To Deliver Essential  Vitamins & Nutrients Directly to maintain health while loosing weight.

BHRT (Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

As We Age Our Hormone Levels Slowly Start To Decrease And With It These Symptoms Increase. Getting Older Does NOT Have To Mean To Slowing Down. Initial Consult $150

Red Light Therapy - Phtobiomodulation (PBMT) Available!

Red Light Therapy is a light therapy that improves cellular health by reducing oxidative stress. Reducing Inflammation and aiding in Joint Health, Skin, Hair, and Anti-Aging.

Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, Training & Muscle Recovery, and helps cells produce more ATP (energy) which allows damaged muscle tissue repair and regenerate faster.

Red and infrared light waves allow the production of melatonin and promoting healthy nights sleep.

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